TVXQ Yunho and co-star Seo Ye Ji reported to be dating?

What are some TVXQ facts? Yoochun is the lazy one in the group. Junsu wakes everybody up in the morning with his video games. Changmin is a crybaby. Junsu is an uncle. Yoochun is from the U. Jaejoong is the “mom”; he cooks. Yunho is the leader. Yoochun’s family currently lives in Virginia.

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Jung Yun Ho Also Known as: February 6, Age: He is a member of the pop duo TVXQ. He officially started his training in

Want to proclaim your affection for Yunho’s Godcock, Changmin’s abs, Jaejoong’s chest, Junsu’s Duckbutt, and/or Yoochun’s voice? Want to write about what the members of TVXQ .

The single peaked at 4 on the monthly charts and sold a total of , copies, making it the 14th best selling record of the year. Eventually the single reached to sell more than , copies. Five months later, in June 24, they release their second single, ” The Way U Are ” wich debuted at 2 on the charts and becoming the 9th best selling record of the year, selling , copies. This single sold a total of , copies becoming TVXQ’s best selling single.

The album debuted at the top the charts and sold a total of , copies, making it the 8th best selling record of the year. The album, which was later released in other Asian countries, sold a total of , copies. Despite only selling 9, copies, in July, 13 they released their second Japanese single, ” Somebody To Love ” , after the release of the Korean summer special single ” Hi Ya Ya Yeoreumnal “, and before returning to Korea to release, in September, their second Korean album Rising Sun.

The album sold , copies and became the fourth best selling record of Thanks to the re-package releases, the album become the most selling album in with more than , copies sold. The tour started in Korea, and they visited Thailand and Malaysia. With their concert in Malaysia, they become the first Korean artist to perform in the country. The title track for the single was used as the 17th ending theme for the anime One Piece , becoming their first Japanese tie-in.

Heart, Mind and Soul debuted on the weekly Oricon album chart at 25 and sold 36, copies.

Tong Vfang Xien Qi

The reporter who covered this story will personally reveal the story of this hot new couple. The Jongkyung couple is the youngest couple of the current entertainment business, having dating for only one month. Tune in to catch the behind story of the hot couple of the month! Jonghyun started relationship with 21 years old actress, Shin Se Kyung before a month that is confirmed by SportsSeoul.

The new cute couple was disclosed to meet regularly in spite of their busy schedules.

Dec 14,  · Tags: changmin, dating on earth, dbsk, dongbangshinki, drama, jaejoong, junsu, korean, TVXQ, yoochun, yunho mmm this time i’m going crazy to find dbsk video on youtube i’ve watched the king’s man parody *really makes me laugh hard*, dbsk theatre, dbsk banjun drama and many more but i still can’t found dbsk movie that i’ve.

Introduction Victoria Real name: She was born in Qingdao, China. Her family moved to Beijing when she was a child. In , Victoria was scouted to take an audition of SM Entertainment and later became a trainee of the agency. In , she made her debut as a member of the girl group f x. She is now active in a broad variety of areas in both countries, China and South Korea. Both of them have yet made any comments on that.

They are in the same entertainment agency in China.


I wanted to show everyone an amazing live and worked hard to achieve it, but unfortunately, I caught a cold. It was really exciting and fun. We brought about a lot of changes on the high notes, and switched parts for every different genre.

Sit down with you, discuss your problem, and give you advice. Afterwards he’d be silly to cheer you up.

Inspired by untitled by xiahtic. See the end of the work for more notes. Everyone’s sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when Jaejoong’s Korean phone goes off with a text from Hyunjoong that just says woohoo! Ten minutes later Jaejoong’s second Japanese phone goes off a text from Keita consisting of twelve question marks and an exclamation point at the same time Junsu’s does a text from Junho reading WHAT!?! Before either of them have time to reply or Yunho can say anything about how long a day it’s already been and can you please wait just twenty minutes to finish eating before you worry about your phones, Changmin’s pocket starts playing ‘Replay’.

He flips it open to hear Minho spazzing at him from a few hundred miles away and goes pale after a few short seconds. One of the newspapers had an article about you guys, Jaejoong-hyung and Yunho-hyung to be exact, saying they were dating or something and they had these pictures that looked pretty photoshopped to me but either way, it exploded all over the fan boards.

TVXQ Member Facts

Although the group is synonymous with numerous tags, its official name is Tong Vfang Xien Qi. This five-man dance team came into being after an audition in The contestants of the audition were divided into groups of their peers and received training to find potential talents.

Sep 10,  · This rumor started after their performance on the recent Korean Music Festival on Hollywood Bowl, California. TVXQ together with Girls Generation, Super Junior, Fly to the Sky and other Korean Music Artists showed their talents as they sing, dance and perform on the said event.

Jaejoong new ideal girl type Jaejoong reveals his new ideal girl type.. Jaejoong fans, your idol had change his mind about his ideal girl type. For information, in his old days, he always claimed that his ideal girl is someone with beautiful hands and legs. But now, his ideal girl is someone who is like “push and pull” or we shall say as “play hard to get”. Kang Hee questioned Jaejoong “what is your dating style in reality?

What kind of woman attract you? But it change a lot now. I like women with random personalities. Women who push and pull play hard.

[HD] [ENG SUB] TVXQ Dating on Earth 4/5

After this matter spread on the internet, it immediately caused intense netizen discussion. After publishing the post, it immediately attracted the attention of many TVXQ fensi. The two female fans hired a car and followed the [TVXQ] group. While a TVXQ member went to the restroom during a break, they also went to the restroom.

Japanese tabloid Friday has reported a very odd scandal In the magazine, it said, TVXQs Changmin is there to see Yunhos (Michael Jackson tribute) performance. He is sitting in the VIP seat with a mysterious woman. In the photo, Changmin is indeed in a performance area,.

Let’s face it, they have more popular idol groups an the bigger fanbase worldwide. I like Kpop too but my world revolves around Norazo and old Girls Generation music videos. I haven’t heard their songs nor do I even care to listen. One day, I was reading through Asianjunkie’s posts when I noticed a few articles were written specially for EXO’s sasaeng fans and it certainly made me interested all of the sudden.

The latest news I knew of them was that just this September 15, EXO had to cancel their fansign event in Daejeon because the situation was too chaotic. That is one serious allegation since if memory served me right, even if they are already JYJ and DBSK, the fans are still reported to be anything but sane.

Now blogs are comparing those to EXO’s. For those who doesn’t know the term, Sasaeng fans are basically groups of batshit crazy obsessive Korean fanatics. They are the Korean counterparts of the Japanese Yarakishi. However, where the Japanese idols are heavily gaurded by their agencies, the fans of Korean stars could have a more direct access to their famed idols, stalking and harassing them to no end has became their favorite pastime, hoping for that one fateful day where their lovely Oppas would fall in love with them and shit.

So I find it quite unfair for others to judge the entire fanbase based on them alone. So what is it that they’ve truly done against EXO all these years? Let me count the ways. Made the list from various sources, so I am not so sure with the accuracy.

A Look At Co-stars Who Have Dated in Real Life

Currently, it is one of the top pop groups of the Korean Wave hallyu. Their name translates to “Rising Gods of the East. With their releases in , the group showed a versatility in style and has managed not to be permanently typecast as a certain “genre style” as opposed to Fly to the Sky’s ballads or Koyote’s dance songs.

東方神起 TVXQ! ECO BAG「TVXQ! 8集 NEW CHAPTER #1: The Chance of Love GOODS 」Puzzle(UKNOW) Closer(MAX) –

Credits to Gina Credits to Moely! He was really born on December 15th, but his parents registered him on January 1st, How come Jaejoong Hero didn’t participate in the Rising Sun activities.? Because he injured his leg Q: How did Jaejoong injure his leg A: He was rehearsing the Rising Sun dance when he injured his knee. His knee cartilage was ruptured and he had to recieve surgery. So he couldn’t participate in the rising sun activities for over 6 months.

How come DBSG have so many names?


Kim Jaejoong fue el tercero en integrarse a las filas del grupo. Poco antes de integrarse al grupo, sus padres se divorciaron y el tener que mudarse a Corea fue un gran alivio. Asi mismo contaron con la balada “Trust” y el video fue grabado en Busan. Jun-su “, “Close to you Yun-ho “, “Keyword Jae-joong “.

Mar 25,  · Those crazy netizens are at it again speculating another couple dating! A group of very lunatic observant netizens are once again trying to prove that SNSD’s Jessica and DBSK’s Jaejoong are dating in real life.

Posted 28 May – In reality, only Yunho and Changmin have younger sisters, and as Yunho tries to explain why, there was much laughter. He finally said that, “The first issue is that if my sister and that member get into a fight, I won’t be able to take sides. That’s the biggest problem. I hope my sisters would meet good guys. But Changmin went ahead to explain his answer anyway saying.

I do want to be a ‘Hyung’ and it’s not that I don’t like the members. I just want my sisters to meet good guys. His reply caused a ruckus with TVXQ members getting off their seats, laughing and looking embarrassed. Funny enough, he suggested that there are guys out there better than his TVXQ hyungs, showing that he Changmin was really quite against the idea, as also suggested by the other members during the earlier part of the question. Of course, it’s part joke and part reality.

But one thing’s for sure, Shim Changmin and his Dong Bang brothers has given their fans and audiences a glimpse of another side of their personalities. But the highlight of the show was the segment where Dong Bang Shin Ki, to the delight of their fans, was requested to give their messages to their future wives.


Sendo chamados de “Os deuses nascentes do oriente” ou “Os deuses do leste que se elevam”. S, entre outros , eles tiveram a oportunidade de se unirem mais e atender ao que a SM Entertainment determinava para eles: Heart, Mind and Soul e O’-Jung. Five in the Black: Em 3 de abril de , Avex anunciou o hiato das atividades japonesas do TVXQ e que iria se concentrar em ajudar cada membro com suas atividades solo. No final de , JYJ acumulou mais de

Feb 28,  · tvxq! Talks ‘Tense’ Album, 10 Years in K-Pop: Exclusive Video Interview The groovy, soul-funk piece is an exciting display of TVXQ!’s ever-growing musical maturity and vocal skills.

On January 12th, members Yunho and Changmin held a press conference to discuss the various issues surrounding their comeback. I wanted to show everyone an amazing live and worked hard to achieve it, but unfortunately, I caught a cold. It was really exciting and fun. We brought about a lot of changes on the high notes, and switched parts for every different genre.

We tried to investigate different ways to show off our strengths through the choreography, and so we brought in talented dancers. By putting in moves that were dictated by the beat, we tried to have our choreography express the dignity of TVXQ and to send the following message: BoA and Kang Ta also watched and reviewed our first broadcast. In order to make sure it would never be forgotten, we figured that this would be the best way to protect TVXQ.

During that difficult time, I would just grabbed a water bottle and ride around on the seven subway lines; sometimes I even went mountain climbing. I felt a lot of affection for the little things. I believe the answer is to just spare our words on issues regarding the law, and to just work hard on our singing and promotions. Under the name of music, everything was great, but further promotions created a difference in values.

I just want them to be healthy. The only thing I can ask is for them to come back.

Dating on Earth (extended version) part 2/9 (Eng sub)

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