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Bore has fair to good rifling. Gun is tight with no side to side wobble! This was a nickel gun that has lost most of its finish Metal has just trace amounts of nickel finish while the majority is mostly a dark gray patina. Grips are worn ivories. Gun appears to be all matching. Some of the internal

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British deactivated hammer gun, great original example: British deactivated hammer action Shotgun, classic farmers shotgun: British Hammer deactivated Shotgun, classic antique style: Antique deactivated Hammer Action double barrelled Shotgun: Antique deactivated Shotgun, antique with damascuss barrels: Antique 12 gauge Hammer double barreld deactivated shotgun, awesome detailing:

Feb 19,  · what year is my harrington & richardson shotgun? i have a harrington & richardson single shot 12 gauge. i have the patent number, but no serial number so i know it was made before im looking for a site that i can type in the patent number Status: Resolved.

House of Representatives to Vote on H. Anti-gun Democrats on the Committee offered a lengthy list of amendments to weaken or gut the bill, all of which were defeated. The last 30 years have seen a continual expansion of the right to carry concealed handguns for self-defense within the United States, even as the nationwide violent crime rate has plummeted during the same period.

Needless to say, these states also refuse to recognize permits from other states or even, in some cases, to issue their own permits to otherwise eligible out-of-state residents. A majority of the committee, however, saw past the charade and recognized that what was really at stake was not the safety of residents in anti-gun states but whether upstanding Americans get to exercise their fundamental right to carry over the wishes of politicians who seek to deny it entirely.

Indeed, anti-gun committee members made many revealing arguments during the lengthy proceedings, displaying both their ignorance and their refusal to accept the bearing of arms as a constitutional right. Multiple committee members began their attack on the bill by falsely claiming it would prevent police officers from doing their jobs, or even from verifying permits, and that the Fraternal Order of Police FOP opposed it. When Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte R-VA corrected the record to explain the FOP does not, in fact, oppose the bill, the anti-gun members pivoted to the argument that groups representing the executive and political classes of law enforcement still did.

They were clearly stung, however, by the fact that the largest national organization of officers working the streets — the very same officers most directly impacted by the legislation — had no opposition to it. And when it comes to support by law enforcement executives, the anti-gun opponents of the bill were dealt another blow when 24 state attorneys general, the chief law-enforcement officers of their respective states, signed onto a letter in support of H.

Another telling moment came when Rep. Darrell Issa R offered an amendment to include federal judges within the protection of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, which since has allowed qualified active and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms interstate. Anti-gun committee members immediately launched attacks against the amendment, with their arguments devolving into thinly-veiled attacks on the character and reliability of the judiciary.

H&R 929 main springs

Revolver production ceased in Their moderate price naturally appeals to anyone shopping for a single shot rifle on a budget. This is a simple action with an exposed hammer that must be cocked before every shot. A new transfer bar system to help prevent accidental discharges has replaced the traditional rebounding hammer. The advantage of this location is that it keeps the opening lever away from the web of the shooting hand when firing cartridges that generate substantial recoil.

This unusual side lever release works fine.

Oct 27,  · Shotguns. Semi-Auto. Break-Action. Pump-Action. These numbers are believed to represent a variation of the Julian dating system. International Harvester was .

They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U.

The book’s large format presents many of the firearms in exquisite close-ups, accompanied by substantial details of history, development, and significance. Variations within model groups are given ample attention, and the book’s organization gives an unequaled overview of nearly a century and a half of Winchester achievement. A unique, comprehensive table in the appendix gives serial numbers and related production data previously unavailable in any one source.

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Please be aware of this, most likely the credit card used during the registration process will be charged for the purchases, buyer premium and any other applicable fees. Late payments are subject to fees and penalties at the discretion of the Auction House. Be aware that invoice delinquency WILL lead to disabling of a bidder account and making all bidding unavailable on icollector.

Pre Firearms FAQ by James Rawles, Clearwater Trading Company. Revised April 30, In response to numerous requests, here are the answers to the questions Holland & Holland shotguns: Best grade: serial # below , Paradox guns: serial # below Hopkins and Allen _Mfg_. changed its name to Hopkins and Allen _Arms_ in

I have tried Paintball a few times. I understand the worldwide following of these sports. Originally Paintball guns primarily all looked the same. Paintball weapons vary in price and quality. Paintball basically is what the name implies, it shoots a colored ball that splats like paint on impact. Do not remove the colored tip at the end of barrel. To end on argument, both airsoft and paintball are used by various law enforcement and military around the world for training, some use both, it just depends on that particular groups choice.

Paintball was founded in in the United States. This was in direct response to firearm restriction laws imposed on the Japanese, which basically states that no civilian may own firearms. Needless to say, demands for firearms skyrocketed, but with the firearms ban, companies soon began making replicas of famous firearms.

The little known Marlin Model 200 crack barrel shotgun

The rifle is 7X65R cal. Also comes with a set of 20 ga shotgun bbls. These are all included in a case. The engraving on the frame is beautiful.

Oct 20,  · I’m not sure if H&R used the same dating format / codes across their product lines or if this information only applied to the shotguns. In any case, you probably have a model Sportsman which was very well made, yet it remains underappreciated by collectors.

Following are the serial number blocks assigned to Springfield Armory and the two prime contractors. H R Model Manufacture Date. Can anyone tell me what the manufacture date of an H R Sportsman. The date is the Letter before the serial number The H R sportsman single action model was manufactured between and and H R manufacture date from serial number I saw a used H R single shot in.

Is there any way to find the manufacture date from the serial.

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I love this little gun, especially for what it means to me and how I acquired it. Here’s the long-winded story We knocked it around for a little while and sprayed some targets before moving on to the longer rifle range. It couldn’t hit anything without the rear sight, and it didn’t work very well in double-action.

dating h&r revolvers. Revolvers h r model defenderctg five-shot revolver 4-inch barrel blued finish ; h r , dating h&r revolvers hard rubber grips with target logo, nickel or blue finish, one patent date marking, very rare.

Firearms which were manufactured at least 50 years prior to the current date, but not including replicas of such firearms; Firearms which are certified by the curator of a municipal, State, or Federal museum which exhibits firearms to be curios or relics of museum interest; and Any other firearms which derive a substantial part of their monetary value from the fact that they are novel, rare, bizarre, or because of their association with some historical figure, period, or event.

In order to render an appropriate classification, please ship the physical item and any supporting information to the address above. Please ship your item to FATD with a prepaid return shipping label with tracking for the return of your item providing shipping account numbers, instead of providing a trackable prepaid shipping label, will not be accepted. Postal Service recommends that long guns be sent by registered mail and that no marking of any kind which would indicate the nature of the contents be placed on the outside of any parcel containing firearms.

You cannot ship a handgun or ammunition through the U. A commercial carrier must be used to ship a handgun. Please check with the specific carrier before shipping to ensure your package meets all of legal requirements. Do not use packing peanuts or similar types of packing material that may become lodged into moving parts of the item or device and cause safety issues.

Small parts and pieces must be placed into a sealed zip-lock type clear plastic bag to prevent loss.

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The timing was perhaps off a little bit, and sometimes the cartridges wouldn’t fire. The cylinder had a dent in one edge, too. So, I traded it away at a gun store for some. That was the only revolver I ever owned until just recently. I’ve had many models, makes and calibers of semi-auto pistols, but never another revolver.

I’ve taken it apart, and cleaned and oiled it.

Antique Ammo, Tools & Neat Stuff In addition to a full selection of collector firearms, we keep an extensive inventory of other collectibles such as antique ammo, old ammo boxes, medical tools, sculptures and much more.

The second half of this FAQ posting lists serial number cut-offs for the threshold for many gun makers. What constitutes “antique” under U. Although your State and local laws may vary, any firearm with a receiver actually made before Jan. For example, only low serial number Winchester Model lever actions are actually antique. No FFL is required to buy or sell antiques across state lines– they are in the same legal category as a muzzle-loading replica.

I regularly ship them right to people’s doorstep via UPS, with no “paper trail. That is absolutely incorrect. ANY gun manufactured before Jan. There is NO Federal requirement for sales of these guns to be handled by Federally licensed dealers. They may be freely bought and sold across State lines by private parties, regardless of what cartridge they are chambered in. However, State or local laws vary.

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I noticed this one has model written on the barrel. So, I think if I ever shoot it, I’ll only load 5 rounds. I’ll have to try the old “load one, skip one, load 5” trick and see if it works. That is, if I ever try to shoot the thing.

English: H&R Vest-Pocket Self-Cocker, old type. This image is hereby released into the Public Domain, for any and all uses. This image is hereby released into the Public Domain, for any and all uses. Date.

By Nicholas Oetken When I buy a new gun, it has to fulfill a specific purpose that is not yet fulfilled by a gun I already own. I needed something reliable to be my home defense cannon and something else with a longer barrel for bird hunting and skeet shooting. Rather than purchase two different shotguns to fulfill these roles, I elected to go with a one shotgun and two barrels. I admit part of this decision was based on cost, but a larger part of it was because I wanted a shotgun that would be as truly versatile and multi-purpose as I could ask for.

Based on these experiences, I knew I wanted a gauge pump action, and something that was of good reputation with aftermarket parts and accessories widely available. As you may have guessed, things narrowed down to a Mossberg and a Remington I agonized for a month, religiously on the lookout for sales in local sporting goods stores and online, patiently waiting for the right deal. Finally, one of the stores had a sale going on for a Mossberg Field Combo , with an Opening the Box I took the Mossberg Field Combo home in its factory cardboard box, which I honestly found to be rather cheap.

The first thing I noticed pulling the out of the box was how light it was. This gun weighs just over seven pounds, which immediately made me think about how it would handle on the range.

J. Stevens Single Shot 410ga Shotgun

The revolver was chambered in. The target audience was younger shooters, target shooters or even ranchers that needed a handy pistol for small vermin. Between and three model variations of the gun were created. The 1st model was made between and

Lovers of the best shotguns that do not wish to venture into the world of expensive British shotguns feel they can stay domestic and collect the odd Lefever, a Winchester Model 24, maybe an L. C. Smith or a Fox Sterlingworth.

Found this useful post elsewhere on the Internet and thought I’d share it with the Marlin lever gun here. Blued receiver Short Actions: The old Marlin Records only reflect what was written down in the ledgers. There are many blank serial number lines that we know guns were made, but not recorded. So actual numbers are not exact. Serials start in , range Model These were serial numbered in front of the lower receiver, not under the lever.

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