4 inch Foot Operated RV Site Sewer Cap with Male Threads

Easy answer for crank down jacks: I wanted to pass on a hint. Our travel trailer has four crank down scissor jacks that are a pain in the you know what! It is about three inches long and fits into my cordless drill. Intead of all that cranking I just use the drill and zip them down in seconds. I have a serious back injury and it hurts to squat and crank these down after driving all day long. Now I just put the L shaped gadget in and zip them down!

Sewer & Sanitation

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Clean Dump is designed to take the chore and health hazard out of dumping your tanks! With Clean Dump worries over your RV holding tanks and pumps are gone! Tripping over RV septic lines is no longer a problem. There are no more hose ladders, ramps, or waiting for large flex hose to drain clean.

The short answer is, why not? Unless we are in a terrible hurry, we hook-up to water, sewer, and electric. We do our darndest not to get in a terrible hurry. We retired to avoid terrible hurries. We have boondocked in many places and we are very open to stealth camping as well. Campground preferences include dry camping to full boondocking. We actually prefer no campgrounds simply because we prefer the serenity and the ability of our dog children to run around without worrying about other campers.

I usually leave the sewage hose stowed until then. More often we take electric and water sites which tend to be more available. We have also started to use the Harvest Hosts locations which offers no hook-up sites. I love air conditioning.

The 10 Best Sewer Hose Kits

We just use the trick we demonstrated in the video to prevent sewer odors from coming in through the open gray valve. Then all we need to do is keep an occasional eye on the black tank level. Plenty of water has now accumulated in the gray tank, allowing us to flush the sewer hose after dumping the black tank.

Buy Valterra D 20 Feet Dominator Sewer Hose Kit: Automotive – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Drain and Sewer Pipe Size Drain and Sewer Pipe Size Limitations of the Material in this Section Determining the correct size of drain and sewer pipes requires knowledge that is beyond most readers of this book; therefore, we will not discuss in detail how to determine drainage and sewer pipe sizes. Leave calculation of correct drain and sewer pipe size calculations to qualified contractors. We will present some basic information about how to calculate drain and sewer pipe sizes and present an example of calculating drainage and sewer pipe sizes for an average home.

Do not assume that your drain and sewer pipe sizes are wrong if your home has different size pipes from the following example. Your pipes may have been sized using different assumptions or sizing methods. This makes drain and sewer installation easier and relieves the plumber from performing detailed pipe size calculations. Drainage Fixture Units Description 1. Each plumbing fixture and group of related fixtures has been assigned a drainage fixture unit dfu value.

This value is based on the typical water flow demand of the fixture or fixture group and on the probability that the fixtures will not all be used simultaneously. Use the highest dfu value for a similar fixture if a fixture is not listed in the following table. Use a dfu value of 1.

Campground Hook-Ups – Boot It or Book It?

Just like my job in the refinery, as long as harmful or dangerous substances stay contained in their proper tank, receptacle or pipeline then everything is OK. To start out, the black water system is somewhat explained to a new owner by the salesman, technician or, in the case of a used rig, the previous owner. This system is often not adequately explained to the new owner, but even if it is there are many things that are easily forgotten in the avalanche of information that bombards the novice RVer.

To make matters worse, a well meaning and otherwise helpful fellow RVer will often give bad information when discussing the black water system. The first thing you will need for your black water system is a good quality sewer hose. Your RV came with a sewer hose?

Accepts power cords up to 50 amp. I will be using this hatch for going through my concrete wall so when I need to hook up my generator to my home I do not need to leave a door open. I have a Honda generator that I will use at home for when the power goes out (and for rving) but since when we lose power it is most likely during cold weather I did not want to have to leave the door open and.

Welcome to the fun with liquids page! The information here is mostly based on my own personal experience. Working with plumbing is pretty straightforward and usually isn’t terribly dangerous, unless you gouge yourself with a screwdriver or drop a wrench on your foot. However, improperly installed or poorly repaired plumbing can lead to your RV filling with water or other far more disgusting substances!

Some of the suggested RV modifications require you to be at least a little handy Don’t undertake any project beyond your capabilities. Introduction One of the best things about an RV is it’s ability to provide all the comforts of home even when you are miles away from civilization.

Fresh Water Plumbing Fittings

Is the tank higher or lower and how much. There are several ways to do this some kind of cheap compared to the expensive options. You could put in a new system for the RV, that means tanks, drain field, pumps and timers if required, plus engineering and permits. You could put in a grinder pump and tank, and pump it to the existing septic tank.

We started with a 15′ RhinoFLEX sewer hose, and at the RV end of the hose, there is a super-tough bayonet fitting with 4 prongs for a more secure fit.

Another important element is to determine the final installation height. Both, initial and final elevation. Use laser level , GPS or traditional surveying equipment to help you with this. Subtract both elevations and divide the horizontal or pipe length into the difference in elevation, and that will be the drop per linear foot or meters of pipe.

You don’t want to have too much of a slope as that might also create another type of problems. Be careful once the trench is open and follow all safety measures to protect workers inside and outside the trench. Remove all loose dirt at the trench bottom and grade the trench bottom so the pipe could be installed over a smooth surface. The best material to use for bedding material is sand, but if unavailable you can choose gravel bedding.

Be careful on not to use sharp stone or other material that sometimes can punctuate the sewer pipe. It is recommended to start at the lower end of the pipe run, up to the higher elevation. Insert the male end of the pipe into the female end and twist a little bit. To be sure that the pitch is being followed correctly, install a string along the pipe run.

Fresh Water Supplies

RV sewer dump connector leakage repair A few weeks ago, just at the end of the summer camping season, I had become so frustrated with a leaky RV dump connection, that I decided I would HAVE to do something about it before next season. Clicking on photos will open a larger view in same window I believe that the little “nubs” that hold the connecting hose in place had become so worn over 18 years, that they no longer would pull the new connecting hose up tight enough to seal against leakage.

At the suggestion of an RV parts store clerk, I purchased a new extension that contained “nubs” that could be glued in place right over the old, without adding too much length to the dump valves. Looking at my situation, I saw that there wouldn’t be much for the new extension to grip if I simply pushed it on and up to the existing nubs.

Short Sprinters (queen rear bed) Winnebago Revel 4 wheel drive (sleeps up to 3 people) The true 4×4 RV opens up a world of possibilities! Designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts, the all new Winnebago Revel takes a no nonsense approach to adventure with a straightforward design and function-driven features. Taking full advantage of the proven 4×4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis.

Mobile residences must use an individual sewer system otherwise known as a septic system. These systems use a septic tank and drain lines to process and remove the waste materials from the home. Used on mobile homes as well as permanent structures, the plumbing process remains primarily the same for both. Mobile home Step 1 Locate the septic tank a minimum of 10 feet from the outer wall of the mobile home.

The tank should be buried at a depth of 2 to 4 feet, the shallower the better to accommodate your drain lines. Four-inch PVC pipe will lead from the septic tank to the distribution box, which will be located at the head of the drain lines. Additional PVC pipe will travel from the distribution box to the drain fields where the water will be absorbed back into the soil.

Step 2 Dig a ditch from the inlet side of the septic tank to approximately 3 to 4 feet under the mobile home. This ditch needs to be wide enough to accommodate a 4-inch PVC pipe and should have a slight incline with the lower end culminating at the inlet port of the septic tank. You want this slope to allow gravity to remove the waste and waste water from your home, but you do not want it too steep. If too steep the water will actually outrun the other waste materials leaving them in the drain line instead of carrying them to the septic tank.

This can eventually lead to a clogged drain line as the materials continue to build up.

Keep Your RV Gray Tank Open? Closed? How About BOTH?!

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